Jady Arewar (arewar) wrote in thequestionclub,
Jady Arewar

Help my hair!

Could you please give me hair tips?

I have very wavy and frizzy hair. Generally, I wear it long. More length makes the hair heavier, which means less poofiness. With summer coming up, and also for the interest of my boyfriend, I cut it shoulder-length. (Nearly 7 inches, chop!)

My boyfriend says it looks great, but if it had more body and was straighter, it'd look even better.

Being a tomboy, I have no idea what body is, much less how to add it to my hair. I've tried various shampoos. They work great for about a week and then have no effect.

Also, I have tried straightening my hair, but the chemicals only last for about a month before the waves return. The best thing I have found is to flat-iron my hair, but that takes forever and I have to do it every single day.

Is there anything else I do to add body to my hair and straighten it out?
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