Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you have any preferences that just don't Edit: standardly, usually, to everyone else seem logical?
Such as, my aunt goes into Spencers with no problem, but will not go into hot topic.
I can't stand cigarettes... but have no problem with marijuana.
I feel fairly uncomfortable with porn, but less uncomfortable with hentai(maybe because it's animated, even if it's much more graphic).

How tight/loose is a condom supposed to be?

Does anybody know a sort of "take the plank from your eye before taking the spinter from someone else's" kindof quote for... well... There's this girl in my house who seems to be much still in the high-school "label everybody, change to fit in, have boyfriend for the sex, if you're cool than you're always right" sortof mentality. She's taken to putting quotes on her door like "Life's too short to be a selfish biatch[sic]. Lol. Don't be FAKE!" ... which would be a little bit like Jessica and Ashlee singing about brains and poise. I don't think she'd get that the quote was towards her, but the rest of the house would find it hysterical.

Other Edit: What's the time you're supposed to abstain from sex and such before a gyno appt? what happens if you don't?
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