Philos Sophia (watuhmelonz) wrote in thequestionclub,
Philos Sophia

Terry Schiavo

I can't decide either way whether Terry Schiavo should die considering her circumstances. What I have left are specific questions, which, I think, may remain unanswered:

1. Are there any other methods of asking a yes-or-no question and acquiring an answer other than audibly and has anyone thought to use such to ask Terry if she still wants to die?

2. Is there no more humane way to let someone die other than starvation?

Until these two questions are answered beyond doubt, I cannot say that Terry should die simply because she is unable to feed herself.

Above all...

3. What is the nature of the nation that mandates death for those who are consciously awake, aware of their surroundings, and having a body that does not need life support, but cannot feed themselves?
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