Sam (nickibicki) wrote in thequestionclub,


Hi-- I used to be ask/answer lots of questions in this community, but lately I've just been reading the interesting stuff. Until now, because I have 2 questions:

1. I haven't been writing checks that long, and I was wondering what's the etiquette on asking people to deposit checks? When people hold checks, my actual bank balance doesn't coincide with my manual checkbook balance, and I'd like to ask people to deposit the checks I wrote them, but is that impolite? Like, is it my responsibility to make sure there are sufficient funds whenever they decide to deposit it? Or is it okay to request their deposit?

2. I played with a friend's guitar, and it's unfinished, and it has a REALLY NICE sound. So, my question is: do unfinished guitars cost more because the sound quality is better, or less because less labor was involved?


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