Marc (magp) wrote in thequestionclub,

One for the Dr. Who Fans

Hey there, all.

Have been listening to a surprisingly-good radio show (made by the BBC, I think) about the Daleks taking over the galaxy. The Doctor isn't in it; or at least he hasn't shown up yet, and I only have 1 part to go, so I don't think he's going to appear.

My question is in regard to Dalek physiology. I know that there's a little semi-organic globule inside of that robot. My question is, to anyone who can answer, what is that? I know the Daleks were created by a crippled scientist, but where did that organic (if it is, indeed, organic) component come from? Did he grow them to work inside the robots, or is that a race that was "recruited" to serve as the inside of the Daleks? Is that the real "brain" of the robot? Is it able to do anything other than just squirm around if it's not inside the shell?

Any input, pls?
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