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temping for manpower

To follow up on the temping question just asked:

I've filled out applications for Manpower now, and tested "Master" level on all the software exams, even the software I've never used much like Access and Outlook.
I'd like to hold out for a "Manpower Professional" position, which might be a direct to hire job in my field, which would be lovely, or a temp job in my field (technical writing and editing).
But they had me fill out stuff for Clerical as well, and now I"m getting lots of offers for clerical jobs, and they pay decently too.
However, they haven't informed me of their policies, so I'm curious as to whether anybody has worked for them and what these specifics are. I'd like to decide by next week and of course nobody is in today or this weekend:

1. I know I cannot get paid vacation time until I've worked there a year. But I know I will need about 7 days total unpaid vacation time in the next year (wedding, family gathering, both are out of town, and I've skipped other gatherings and so I must go to these if I want my relatives to speak to me any longer, plus I'm the "driver" in my family so I've already agreed to take some other ailing relatives to both).
Am I allowed to take unpaid vacation time? I don't have a problem with the unpaid part, but I haven't heard anything about sick days or unpaid days, and that worries me. I don't need sick days at all, but I've been used to applying them (unpaid) for situations when I need to be elsewhere at past jobs. I really never feel like skipping work unless I'm puking and the last time I did that was 8th grade. I really need to know that I'll still be able to go to this stuff, and both occur over the summer. Otherwise I don't need time off (and I'll know the dates months in advance. One is finalized already, the other will be soon.)

2. They keep on offering me 1 year positions. What the heck do I do if I'm offered a full time job from Ford, Chrysler, or this radio station I'm interviewing at while I'm temping? Am I allowed to quit? They seem to be implying NO but haven't actually told me so. And that worries me too.

SO yeah, those are my two questions. I'd like to be informed before they call me back on Monday with more offers.
Any ideas?
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