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Im 18 and I have a high reading level but most of my trips to the Book Store end in frustration. Im having difficulty finding a book that is directed to the late teen early twenties group. Most of the young adult books tend to veer to the younger point of view. and books like Bridget Jones about a thirty something career women dont appeal to me because I have no idea what that would be like. and right now Im not interested in that. I read the classics, but right now I just want something...entertaining. Forget if a professor somewhere can have a philosophy discussion about the book. I want to be amused. Ive tried being a girl and pursuing the romance sections but honestly I get overwhelmed, and I dont want some harlequin romance Any suggestions?

Here are a few books that I have really liked in recent years (taken from both sides of the spectrum)

- Youth in Revolt - C.J. Payne
- Better Than Running at Night - Hilary Frank
- All of Dan Browns stuff
- Going Down - Jennifer Belle
- The Anite Blake Vampire Hunter series - Laurell K. Hamiltons (she's the only supernatural write Ive been able to get no Anne Rice sugestions..please)
- Eating the Cheshire Cat - Helen Ellis
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