Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski


1. why do companies photoshop women's nipples out of lingerie ads?
2. is it better to have three normal meals per day, or one very large meal and a few small ones?
3. if you could only listen to one song for the rest of eternity, what would it be? only one! but you don't have to listen to it constantly or anything.
4. where is your favourite foreign vacation spot? what about in-country?
5. if all governments were in shambles, and a coalition of good-hearted, non-biased people decided to hold a worldwide election for ruler of the world, who would you vote for? (since it's hypothetical, the person can be dead, alive, real, fictional, whatever.)
6. do you balance your checkbook? how often?
7. do you want to come over and listen to some marvin gaye records?
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