toshfraggle (toshfraggle) wrote in thequestionclub,

looking for a book title

I've been wondering about this for the longest time:

When I was younger (probably reading "juvenile" fiction), I stumbled across a series of books in my local library, which has now moved and mostly changed their collection (so I can't just go there and find it). I read these books, and they were by a female author, and they were about a girl with cerebral palsy and some of her friends. She wasn't all *that* disabled, and I believe they were older books, and they deal with her growing up and some of the crazy things they do and eventually how that disability defines who she is--and also how it doesn't.

I can't for the life of me remember character names, or situations, or what (I think she falls on her crutches getting out of the car once because she's angry, but that's not much to go on) but I do know that the books were old and well read then (mid-eighties) and that they *did* exist darnit! I really liked the stories and I'd like to look into them for a future children's/adolescent lit course, and to be honest, I just want 'em.

So does anybody know what these books are? Remember, we're looking for fiction. ;)

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