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Pay as You Go Cell Phones

For those that have pay as you go type cell phones...
Do you like it? Would you recommend it? What service do you have?

I have a Tracfone right now, and it sucks. I like can't get service in lots of places. The battery seems to run out in about half an hour. And I don't have voicemail or anything like that. I can't have people call me on it because I can't leave it on without the battery running out, and it beeping at me.

I've thought about getting a real cell phone, but the lowest cost plans I've found is like $40 a month, which is more than I want/can pay.

So, are any of the other pay as go plans better? Maybe it's just my phone because it's several years old. Would you recommend any of the other services? Or just getting a better phone? I want people to be able to call me, and I want voice mail.

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