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One of those pathetic relationship-ish questions

Okay, I need advice from Internet strangers. At the end of February, this guy came into the Y (where I work) to join, and he ended up asking me out. So, we went out twice that weekend, then once the following Friday. Well, the next day after our all day Friday date, I left to go on a weeklong trip to New Orleans. Before I left, he told me how much he would miss me and told me that he was beginning to like me a lot. I agreed to call him when I got home. I got home last Friday and called him, and we talked briefly. He told me to call him sometime Saturday. On Saturday, he showed up to work out, but he came at closing time, so I had him stay with me while I closed the place. We stood in the parking lot for a few minutes and talked and agreed that I would come to his house and watch a movie. While we were in the parking lot, he hugged on me some, but nothing major. Every other time I had seen him, he had been heavily into PDA, so the lack of it was unusual, but I figured it was because we were in my work parking lot, and there were a lot of other people around. I called him about an hour after I got home, and he told me that he was kinda tired, and he had relatives over, so I probably shouldn't come over, but he would talk to me later. I got online a couple of hours later, because I have no life, and I talked to him briefly, and things went well. But, that's the last I've heard from him. Now, I know that I could be over-exaggerating a bit, but I'm confused. Up until I left, we had been having fun. Both of us agreed not to make things too serious, but I don't know what happened here. So, now that I got through all of this background crap, I'll ask my questions.

1. Should I call him? I'd like to hang out this weekend, even if it's just as friends, but would it be pathetic for me to call him? Or should I wait to see if he ever calls me?

2. Did this happen possibly because he thought things were getting too serious? On our long Friday together, we made out and went probably a little further than he wanted to, so could that have something to do with all of this?

3. Am I being a silly girl about all of this?

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