Charlotte Sometime (enterthereverie) wrote in thequestionclub,
Charlotte Sometime

oo1. what are some websites and/or snail mail addresses that you can receive free items from ((like product samples, et cetera))?
oo2. when you answer a question, do you ever research it before answering, or do you only answer questions that you know the answer to immediately? this excludes opinionated questions of course.
oo3. has anyone here tried a grapple ((an apple that tastes like a grape))? what do you think of it? is it genetically modified?
oo4. have you ever met someone in person whom you befriended from livejournal?
oo5. whatever happened to the cartoon cow and chicken, played on the cartoon network?
oo6. have you ever cheated on an exam? if so, were you caught?
oo7. what is the weirdest online quiz that you have seen?
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