Sam! (kilometer) wrote in thequestionclub,

i got my schedule for next year (junior year in high school) and i was wondering if anyone thinks i should change any of these. keep in mind i'm an OK student, like A's, B's, and maybe a C+ once in a while. i plan to do something medical in my career.

AP American History
AP Biology
Anatomy & Physiology
AP American Literature & Composition

and some other ones are easy but all of those are weighted, and i mean is it really possible to pass all of those or atleast handle them? i dunno, it makes me feel all scared to start the next school year haha. junior year is the hardest i hear, but i'm just making sure that i'm not putting too much load on myself and if i should maybe change some things.

also, has anyone ever been to medical school or know anyone who has been so and gotten a doctorate title or whatever, and if so what it was all like? obviously takes a lot of dedication and hard work but is it really worth spending like 10 years of your life on. hmm. thanks 8)
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