goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,


1. i'm sending a package out, but i've never really mailed a package before (haha)... it's a dvd box set so it's 2 x 5.5 x 7.75 and weighs like a pound (guessing), so i have some questions. (for the record i'm in the US)
  • can i just drop it in the blue mailbox drop box or do i need to actually take it up to the counter at the post office to have it mailed?
  • do i need to put it on an actual box or can i wrap it in like brown paper?
  • if i can drop it in the blue mailbox, how do i know how many stamps do i need?

2. what have you been surprised to learn about the people in this community? i was suprised at how many people use manual toothbrushes, how many people re-wear clothes between washes, and how many people waited to get their driver's licenses (me being one of them ;P). haha. not in a mean way, just suprised.
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