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playlist/mix CD

Thanks to my love of music, and my coworkers' love of Pepsi/Mountain Dew, I have 12 song codes for iTunes. I've already downloaded 20 free songs already, so here is the challenge: suggest an artist, an album, or make a mix list of songs you think I might like. What am I missing out on that is vital, or totally awesome?

My current mp3 playlist can be found here, so you have an idea what I have, and what I like. (excluding my iTunes purchases) My favorites include Alice in Chains, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Moby, Zero 7, Grant Lee Buffalo, and 70s music.

So make me a playlist/mix CD/artist/album recommendation. Now I don't want to hear that anybody is bored! ;-) I can't wait to see what people suggest.

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