Baby Bloodheart (babybloodheart) wrote in thequestionclub,
Baby Bloodheart

How does a woman get away with joining in 'boy talk'?

Most of my friends are male and get used to me talking about sex as they do, as well as having to get used to my constant talking about cunts and menstruation, they sometimes get a little uncomfortable but they really have no choice in the matter and soon get used to it, I don't think men are used to women talking candidly about sex.
At work today I was having a smoke with a couple of guys, they were talking about the usual things of not getting enough and breaking their bed during sex, I attempted to join in as I would with my friends and all of a sudden I felt horribly out of place and they went quiet before carrying on without me. I all of a sudden felt like I needed to change sex/gender and grow myself some balls and a penis in order to talk casually with them, like they thought of me as a bit of an unwelcome joke within their ever so in-depth conversation. All the other people on my shift are male, they all talk about this sort of thing constantly, I feel out of place not being able to join in the conversations they have no problem carrying out in front of me but that make them uncomfortable if I join in, and makes me feel rather stupid if I try to join in.
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