Lisa (techieskittles) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've been looking for a job. It's been almost 8 weeks. woo.

I got hired at one place that I'm really excited about. BUT, it's an afternoon/evening server thing, so I'd like a morning job to go with it. It also won't start til sometime in August. I need to be working as soon as I can.

Tomorrow I have a trial shift at a cafe/bakery/catering place that looks like a lot of fun. They want 20 hours a week from a part-timer. When I first interviewed with them, I didn't know about this other job. Then I found it, interviewed today, and got hired all at once.

Do I tell the people tomorrow that I will have this afternoon scheduling conflict sometime in the near future, or do I wait until I have the job?

Does your answer change if they specifically asked me to keep them informed of my job searchings?

What if there's this other place that you love and interviewed for but don't have any idea if you'll get it because you're too far away to fill in morning (5 am opening) shifts?
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