Annie (lordindra) wrote in thequestionclub,

Bizzare computer problems

Whats the strangest you've had?

Me... it was an MS-DOS 3.3 system. 8088 processor- internally 16 bits. I ran chkdsk, a disk diagnostic program, on a 360k floppy, and it reported back over four gigabytes of bad sectors.

Now, this shouldn't be possible. MS-DOS 3.3 didn't even beleive in hard drives over 132MB. The 8088 couldn't even count past 64,000 without some fancy(and then rather expensive) programming stunts. The idea that it could somehow recognize 4 gigabytes, much less that many bad sectors on a disk that only held 360K(less than 1 percent of 1 percent of four gigabytes), is just bizzare, and should be impossible. But it displayed it. In several locations on multiple runs. HEll, when this happened, the concept of four gigabytes of anything was just absolutely astounding.
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