HOH (heart_over_head) wrote in thequestionclub,

How do you stop being so square/unbalanced?

For a while all I ever did was study and all I ever cared about was school. My brother even told me that it was boring talking to me b/c all I ever talked about was school. Now I've loosened up about school (I don't go overboard by studying 3 Calculus books and doing all the problems in there when only 1 book was assigned in class anymore) and am starting to care about building myself as a person. As I'm starting to socialize more, I'm realizing that I can't talk to people...unless it's about math. I feel like I have no substance and when people talk about politics, I feel like a major dumbass. I'm great at listening, but I can't contribute to the conversation aside from questions. When people ask me my hobbies, I freeze and say "reading" and when they ask me what I read, I say textbooks. >_< I'm realizing how square and unbalanced I am. Honestly, how would I go about developing into a more balanced, well-rounded person? I'm 19...am an incoming sophmore in college...could it be a bit too late? Is it just getting out? Experiencing everything from partying to volunteering to everything? Please, anything would help. I know I sound like such a loser, but it's an earnest question. Thanks.
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