Oh, I... oh. I'd better go. (arrngingmatches) wrote in thequestionclub,
Oh, I... oh. I'd better go.

I have a banquet in a week. Orders due tomorrow. Should I order Chicken Parm, Roast Beef or Backed Scrod?
I gave up meat for Lent (ending Sunday), if that influences you.

Also: how should I respond to hateful remarks?
Example one: I heard an acquaintance I'm on good terms with say a while ago that "our history teacher is obsessed with colored people". I wasn't sure how to reply, but then, neither was our math teacher, who she was saying this to. Yesterday, she came into play practice announcing that there was "a spic cleaning in the hallway". What do I say to someone my age who I'm usually friendly with?
(My boyfriend suggested: "I'm sorry, am I on the wrong floor? I was hoping for 2005. Did I press 1955 by mistake?")
Example two: The kids on my bus got so intolerable today with racist jokes, the word "fag" and relentless teasing of a Jewish kid; I told one of them off as best as I could manage and resolved to walk home for the rest of the year. However, I have to work at a summer camp for eight weeks this year, what do I say if one of the little darlings shoots off something similar in my presence?
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