mon.petit.vulcan (peejaykayess) wrote in thequestionclub,

what was the last thing that someone did that got on your nerves and pissed you off?

this guy is supposed to email his approval of an ad (SINCE FRIDAY!) i've been calling since then, he's either too busy "i'm ah really busy right now. i ah call you back!" or he promises to email a response. "i send email right now!" i have yet to receive this email! the fact that he does not speak proper english really bothers me, coupled with the fact that he's stringing me along. but what really did it was when i called for the billionth time to find out whether we could print the ad, he pretends like he has a bad reception, and then hangs up. what the fuck? how do people like this end up in managerial positions? *sigh* its simple, if you've changed your mind about advertising, just let me know, stop playing games. if it were up to me i would have told him to go fuck himself (well not really), and excluded his ad from the program a long time ago.

rant away...
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