emerging from my inner sanctimonium (mumblestutter) wrote in thequestionclub,
emerging from my inner sanctimonium

Buenos dias, TQC.
So, as most of you already probably know, I was convicted of delivery of heroin back in 1999. I did a short stint in prison, thanks to a boot camp program that allowed me to get out way, WAY before my mandatory minimum sentence was complete. I got through probation just fine, and I've been clean since then, with no other run-ins with the law except a couple traffic tickets.

I'm applying for jobs, and for the first time since my conviction, I was actually asked, as part of an online eligibility assessment, if I have any convictions. I responded affirmatively, and now I got a canned email reply asking for court documents regarding the conviction.

If you were a potential employer, what would you think of someone with a 9 year old delivery of heroin charge and no subsequent legal troubles?

Do you think it's right that I should have to suffer for the rest of my life for this? I'm not justifying the fact that I did it in the first place, understand.

Have you ever done anything that you feel like you'll never live down?
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