Bad_lcuk (bad_lcuk) wrote in thequestionclub,

My boyfriend just told me last night around dinner time that he had gotten an offer to work on a fishing boat for a month. An hour later, he accepted the offer, and 6 hours later, he was driving off on a 17 hour journey to the Georgia Strait.

The only sort of boat I have seen has been on 'Deadliest Catch' (Crabbing) and my boyfriend took no electronics except for his cell phone, which he never checks alway. I am concerned about the actual working conditions (hes NOT a physical guy, we are computer nerds), let alone worried he fell asleep on the road and did not make it to the boat. I was told they come in to harbor to do something (drop off fish, do laundry?) once every week but have no clue of the area...

How do I get a hold of him!? Do they have pigeons for this sort of thing? :O
Also, WTF do you do on a large fishing boat other then haul nets, clean dirty stuff, and eat delicious, high calorie meals?

Edited: I encouraged him to go! :)
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