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1) Should I buy a Macbook (or whatever they're called now) or fly to Moscow for a friend's wedding?
2) Do you live in Moscow? Can I crash at your place?
3) Will I run into Jason Bourne Identity in Moscow?
4) Will you teach me how to say "Are you Jason Bourne?" in Russian?
5) Any other Russian phrases I should know? (write them phonetically please!)
6) Have you ever flown international? How did that go?
7) How feasible is it for me to save $1000 in 3 months?

8) Why am I still up at 2:41 am?
9) Why are YOU?

EDIT: new question!

How mad would my IRL best friend be if I flew to Moscow for the wedding of an online only friend instead of to Germany to see her?

Nevermind. I forgot that she's moving to Texas in a month or two. I can always fly to Texas no problem.

BETTER QUESTION. I do not have a passport. How do I get one and how much do they cost?
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