how do you own disorder... (queenlolly) wrote in thequestionclub,
how do you own disorder...

wisdom teeth.

dear dr. tqc,

early yesterday morning i had all of my wisdom teeth removed. the lower left side of my face is completely swollen while the right side is barely swollen at all. the lower left side hurts soooo bad and there is like a pinkish-red "patch" of skin along my swollen left jaw line. touching this patch of skin hurts like a bitch. i do not have anything like this at all on the right side of my face. i called my dentist and he's pretty confident its not infection because it's too soon afterwards, but he can't explain why my skin is red in this one spot and its sore underneath. i've been googling and im thinking it might be a dry socket? but everything i read says its too soon for me to have one [its not even been 48 hours yet] and i should be having a funky smell come from my mouth, but i don't. google also says i after my surgery i should have bit down on some gauze to form a blood clot in the sockets, but i had the gauze taken out 2 seconds after it was put it because i had to throw up :(

so tell me TQC, is this a dry socket i'm experiencing? or is it just regular swelling and im being a big baby? Im going to my dentist asap tomorrow if its not better.
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