Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kipling's Cat

About guns in America...

I want some serious answers please - not just the kind of jokes that get bandied about after a story makes the front page...
1) America has laws that allow all citizens with a 'clean record' (no convictions, mental illness, etc) to own a gun. You can even buy them over the counter in the States. So...
How common is it to for a person to be killed by gunfire, percentage wise? Is a gun more likely to kill you than a car, for instance?
2) One thing that worries me about gun ownership is the risk of stray bullets. I mean, if I lived out in the woods, I could shoot at a burglar and not risk hitting anyone else. However, my house is surrounded by buildings in all directions. If I shot a burglar and missed, there is a good chance that the shot would go through my window, through someone else's window and hit an innocent person. Opening fire on a mugger would increase the chances of hitting a bystander immensely. How common is 'accidental shooting' in the States?
3) Does the US military have a worse record that any other army for incidents of 'friendly fire', or is it just the way the media repors things?
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