meaghan (ohohmeaghan) wrote in thequestionclub,

i want to look more cute!

i've grown out of my seriously boyish tendencies and i'm not quite a tomboy anymore but i am still a bit less than girly. i like to dress cute, but i look awkward if i wear something that is overly frilly or cutesy. i want to buy some new medium-cute things to wear out on the weekends. i'm in a good mood but feeling very lazy. i'd like to shop from my computer.

tqc, can you link me to a website with cute semi-girly clothes?
can you link me to a specific article of clothing that is only sort of girly?

i would especially like some cute shorts and jackets that aren't hoodies.. for some reason i CAN NOT handle shopping for cute shorts or anything warm other than zip up sweat shirts.

is your body properly proportioned?

i'm a little worried about buying clothes online because of my skinny body, wide hips, long torso, and short legs, haha

i also asked for cute easy hairdos recently but didn't get many answers. feel free to tell me about those, too. pleeeease.

this is one of the outfits i think is a little bit girly, by my standards, haha
(and it was ice water in the cup)

i think this is pretty girly. i just got it recently.

a dress! things like this would also be appreciated

and uhh... anyone know why my webcam is so shitty? i got it like a month ago and it looked really clear for the first couple of weeks.

thank you :)
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