Marlo and thats final. (marlo_yearight) wrote in thequestionclub,
Marlo and thats final.

So as you all know, i am "acting manager" at my job.

Lately the girl whos been working at the store for 2 years has been acting up. She comes in late, doesnt finishing her paperwork, and her drawer has been short almost 20 dollars twice in a week.

Oh and her excuse for being late: "Well there were a lot of cops around so i couldnt speed, like i normally do" WTF?

Anyway, i dont have the authority to write her up or anything, but i do make the schedule. Am I out of line to give the new girl i just hired (and is phenomenal) more hours, and the old girl less hours? Shes used to have about 25, and i was thinking of cutting her to about 15.

Shes really petty and i know she will call someone above me to tell on me. I just want to make sure im not crazy in thinking this is the right decision.

Any other ideas of what i can do? The reason she is like this is because the previous manager never gave her any consequences for her bullshit.
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