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baby shower ideas!

One of my best friends is having her first baby at the end of September. My roommates and I (along with said friend's sister) are in charge of throwing a shower.

What kind of food is generally served at a baby shower? Right now, I was thinking a lunch meat/cheese tray, and maybe meatballs to make sandwiches (and of course some sort of rolls to go along with these), a few varieties of potato chips, maybe a veggie and dip tray, cans or 2-liters of soda, and of course a cake. It'll be in mid afternoon (like 3-5 or so), so should it just be something light? I'd imagine people have eaten lunch by then, and it is a little early for supper...

Are there any fun shower games that aren't totally hokey? There will probably be at least a few men at this shower (is THAT weird?! I didn't wanna exclude her husband, as he gets excluded from a LOT of stuff that we do - and well, it's HIS baby too, and I don't want him to be the ONLY guy, so I'll be inviting some others that we work with), and I don't think they're gonna be too into the "sniff the diaper and tell me what's in it" kind of game.

And how about decorations? It's a girl, so are just some pink and white balloons, and maybe some cute "it's a girl!" banners adequate?

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