Leona (sejabop) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I just called the police and they put me through to 911.
There is a family that lives next to us that has 19248683258297 dogs. They leave them for long periods of time and the dogs bark and bark and bark....X eternity. The dogs have been barking for 5 hours straight now and I have had it! I called Animal Control...no answer. So then I called the police and they are on their way over to try to find the owners.
1. Did I do the right thing?
I walked over first and knocked but no one was there.

2. What would you have done?

3. Why is there no good t.v on Saturday nights?

Edit:I guess I better edit this. I called the local police and they connected me to 911. The woman on the other end was a bitch and was not listening to a word I said. Grumble.
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