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Gift idea for my 18-year-old brother

I need to buy a birthday present for my lazy stoner of a brother, LordVagina. I thought I could get him something to decorate his incredibly shitty car.

He has a rusty blue '91 Chevy Cavalier with ripped seats, body panels painted with spray can paint, several pieces of the dashboard missing, and the ignition switch is dangling out of a hole by some wires because the ignition switch keeps breaking. He likes to decorate his car with markers and stuff. There's graffiti drawings on the outside. On the gas lid there's a marker drawing of an evil clown that says "I EAT KITTENS!" The sides of the seats are decorated with squiggly lines of green glow-in-the-dark glue gel. And there's a WarHammer figurine glued to the dashboard above the steering wheel. That should give you some idea of what it's about.

I've been searching for something kitschy to decorate his car with, but can't think of anything good. I want some suggestions. Decals? nicnacs? stickers? accessories? What should I get that he could use on his car?
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