For us who are as sad as our love was beautiful. (yumekanau) wrote in thequestionclub,
For us who are as sad as our love was beautiful.

SAT / ACT Question

I wasn't sure where to ask but I figured asking people who already took it is the best solution.

1) What was your score? (If you feel uncomfortable saying then you can just say a range of like 1300-1500 or something, and please say if you took the new test or the older version)

2) Did you take any preparation classes for the SAT / ACT? If so do you think the class helped you? If not do you think taking a class is a good idea or unnecessary?

3) If you answered yes to the first question in #2, did you have private tutoring or was is a class? Where did you apply for tutoring/classes, what was the price, and how long did the tutoring/classes last?
If you have not taken any are there any you have heard been recommended?

4) If you self-studied (no tutoring/class) what resources if any did you use (i.e. books, websites)?

Sorry for all of these questions but I am really stressing out about this. I took the SAT Biology E/M Subject Test last year and took classes for it (kind of...I was in a SAT Biology course freshman year so it was more in-depth than a regular course. Also I took afterschool courses and did some small school competitions). I studying on my own as well, but even so my score was not great at all. I'm very worried about this because I really want to do well on the first try.

Thank you so so much for your time.
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