charlsrie (charlsrie) wrote in thequestionclub,

Everytime my bff touches her head, she claims she is "concust."

She opened her car door, and it hit on the side of her head.  She drove herself to the emergency room, told them she had a concussion, so they gave her ibuprofen and told her to go home.

TQC-Have you ever head a severe head injury?
Will you tell me about your worst head (or anything) injury?
Pictures earn bonus points.

My first concussion:
-I got knocked out, and when I woke up I couldn't see anything.  Dun dun dun, my concussion made me go blind.  It was probably the most horrifying thing, especially since I had to deal with it until we could get a specialist in to fix my brain swelling.

My second concussion:
-I was standing in the park, and some friends of mine thought it would be funny to tackle me.  They knocked my head into the ground, and BAM my vision goes all out of whack because of my first concussion.  I'm lying on the ground mumbling incoherencies, and then I throw up everywhere.

My third concussion:
-I went night sledding, and wiped out in a horrible way.  I woke up in a spinal halo.  Woop woop.  

I don't have pictures, sorry.
But here is the picture when I broke my hand:

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