Professor Tyrannosaurus Rex, PhD (i_found_jesu) wrote in thequestionclub,
Professor Tyrannosaurus Rex, PhD

So what weird stuff has been going on in your life, TQC?

If I called my city police (non-emergency), would they be able to tell me whether a person had officially been reported as missing? I would be able to provide a first name, but that's it.

My family lives out in a very rural area. Yesterday late evening, while I was at work my mom was in the house alone when there was a knock on the door. She said it was a very imposing strange guy standing with the storm door open and practically right in her face. He was looking for a fourteen year old girl (idk the relation) who had ran away "about a week ago." Somebody who we don't know told the very large scary guy that the girl was living at our house, with my brother. My mom explained to the guy that my brother had moved to Florida a month or so ago. The guy didn't budge from his spot right in the doorway, and my mom said she began to feel very nervous about his creepy behavior. Even though she denied the girl being here, the guy stayed like that until she made to walk out on our porch, sort of forcing the guy to back up. After awhile of the guy being weird like that, he left. She said there was a car in the drive-way with an equally big and imposing guy. She later called my brother and he denied even knowing of the guy or of the girl by the name the scary guys gave us.

I'm trying to figure out whether the story was legit, or if the guys have a grudge against my brother (who is not a very upstanding person), and are trying to case out our house.

If you don't know and don't care about the tl;dr, what should I keep by my door in case of emergency? Baseball bat or old-school steering wheel club?
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