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Ok, so try not to think Im some selfish person this is a little more complicated then Im in the mood to write about.

My 18th birthday is in 17 days. Ive always wanted this to be a relativly important event in my life. My sixteenth was non existent (depression, moves etc) and my immediate social circle is small to say the least. Anyway, my father is on me about what I want. and Im stumped. my older brother got a car. I have a car of course I would love love love a new one especially since Im driving out west in August and Im a little worried about mine now. but my father has ruled that one out. So..I can think of things that I want but at the same time..they add up to like $200. My brothers car was over $3000. This is my 18th birthday. and I realize that I dont have to compare my gifts with my brothers but it would be nice, especially cause...thats all I get from my father, material things. There's a lot of issues between him and the rest of the family. and Im not really expecting anything at all from my mother. So..I dont know. Ive thought about an IPod..but Im not really sure, and even that seems like it should be "part" of a gift. but, I really dont know what I want.
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