ladybug4789 (ladybug4789) wrote in thequestionclub,

**edit**: I'm a sophomore

Is there really a significant difference (as far as getting into college, a selective private liberal-arts college to be specific, is concerned) between taking standard level US History, Honors US History, and AP US History my next year in high school? Right now I'm thinking of going for Honors...

Also, I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally hate math with a passion. When I complete Algebra 2 (which I will have this summer, I have to retake stupid first semester because I got a stupid D) I will have fulfilled my basic graduation requirements? I hate math. I don't want to take precalculus next year. My dad's leaving the choice up to me. Should I take Newspaper or another class that actually interests me and get an A, or sludge my way through precalculus and get a C? I took Algebra 1A and 1B in middle school and got A's all 4 semesters. I took geometry last year and got B's both semesters. I just have a block on Algebra 2 or something, and I imagine precal will be even more challenging.

My other classes will be Spanish 4, IB Environmental Studies, possibly newspaper (see above), standard English, and IB Anthropology.

It's time for me start seriously considering what colleges I want to go to, so anticipate a lot of questions here on that topic. :P Anyone know of a community where anxious people like me can specifically discuss getting into college?

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