four_alarm (four_alarm) wrote in thequestionclub,

this is for mac users as i'm trying to learn some stuff about apple compared to regular ol' pc's.
note: i currently use an hp comp system with xp pro. i'm looking into getting a notebook computer eventually so i'm trying to do some research on some of my options.

1. what mac comp do you use (powerbook/ibook/mac mini/etc)?
2. why do you use mac as opposed to a regular pc?
2b. what are the pros and cons of being a mac user?
3. what do i need to know before getting myself into the world of mac users (i mean, i've been a pc user for about 10+ years...would the transition to a mac be overwhelming)?
4. how is apple's service/help/etc?
5. on a mac os, can you use the same programs you use on pc like mozilla, aim, etc?
5b. or are there better programs?
6. i obviously know very little...what's some good advice or knowledge to have about apple in general?

for ipod users...
note: currently i'm thinking of getting a 4gb ipod mini.

1. what ipod do you have (type & generation)?
2. is it better to order it through apple's website or buy it at a store?
3. if you ordered it through apple's website, do you recieve good service from apple?
4. what all do you really need for an ipod as far as all the accessories go (this includes cables and battery stuff as well as sleeves, etc)? i don't want to buy an accessory i don't really need.
5. what should i know about ipod's before dropping the moolah on one?
6. how do you think ipods compare to other mp3 players out there?
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