Nellie (neongreenleaf) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm leaving for Italy in a few days:

- What are some some easy phrases I should learn to slightly communicate with the people (I know some, such as Buon giorno, Quanto coasta?, grazie/prego, si/no, etc.)

- I'm visiting: Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Venice, and a bunch of little towns inbetween. Anything in particular I should be aware of in these areas?

- Is it ok to haggle in Italy? I like to bargain, but I know some countries are quickly offended.

- What should I bring with me on the plane? I'm probably bringing a couple of books, my iPod, some homework.

- The U.S. Customs Declaration Form: What's that all about? Should I be worried?Do I have to keep and *exact* tab on where my money goes? (Not that I shouldn't, but I'm very forgetful.)

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