Charlotte Sometime (enterthereverie) wrote in thequestionclub,
Charlotte Sometime

oo1. what is the difference between erotica and pornography?
oo2. have you ever done absinthe? what is it like? is it possible to obtain it in the united states?
oo3. i am twenty-two years old, in good health, and not sexually active, but i have frequent urinary tract infections ((uti's)) and i do not know why. they are really painful too. any thoughts and suggestions to alleviate the pain before i can get to the doctor?
oo4. do you prefer cats or dogs? what is your favorite breed(s)?
oo5. what are your favorite websites to visit for entertainment purposes?
oo6. this is going to sound really silly, but i do not understand what the hand gesture 'the shocker' is supposed to mean and of course it is everywhere. what does it mean, exactly?
oo7. does green beer taste any different than regular beer?
oo8. what publications do you subscribe to?

thank you!
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