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I need some advice.

One of my friend's lives has really been going downhill since she met her boyfriend. One of the things she seems determined to do now is try crystal meth. Luckily, her friends convinced her that crystal meth is not a good thing to try if you've never done any drugs before, and if she were to try anything, try weed. So she did, and she's been doing it for a couple of weeks now. Last night she was doing it again, and she also decided to try shrooms.

The weed, I could handle. Lots of people smoke weed, and if she just wanted to try it once, then I can forgive that. But she's done it more than once, and now she's starting with shrooms. I'm worried that it'll just get worse from here. She's had eating disorders in the past. She used to be a self injurer. She's got self esteem problems. Another one of my friends says that the bulimia and cutting has a good chance of resurfacing if she continues down the path she's going (BTW, I found out she's been purging every once in a while for the last month or so).

I really want to get her to stop before she gets into anything worse, like crystal meth, but I don't know what to do. With eating disorders, telling people that they look fine and they should stop usually just worsens their condition, and I could see the same thing happening with drugs. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help her? :/
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