junebug80 (junebug80) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do you think about our punnishment system?

I believe that someone should be put in jail, etc, if they are potentially dangerous to society. But, what do you think should happen to someone who probably isn't potentialy dangerous to society?

Some examples:
A wife who kills her husband because she can't take the physical abuse anymore
Someone who does drugs( by the way, not sure, if this qualifies as dangerous or not because they could cause you to have pyschotic reactions, who knows)
a drug dealer (also not sure if this is dangerous to society or not)
a prostitute
martha stewart
someone who cheats on taxes/corporate fraud, etc.
crimes of passion

I think anyone potentially dangerous to society to should be jailed. However, in crimes of passion, I think the person should be required to go into therapy or if they don't have the money to choose their own, take government sanctioned classes for anger management, self-esteem, etc. With intensive therapy paid for by perpatrator being the best choice. I'm not sure how I feel about drug users/dealers. I think CEO's, tax cheaters etc, should be disallowed to ever run a company again or be a major shareholder in any one company. They should probably be audited for the rest of their life every year. Maybe not allowed to ahve a passport so they can't escape taxes, but not go to jail. Our jails are alredy crowded enough. I think we need to focus more on rehabilitating the ill/immoral/bad decision makers in society who do have hope instead of condemning them to hang out with the psychos who have no hope in jail. Of course, it is always hard to decipher who will probably be a danger to society and who will not, but it is also hard to decide when someone is guilty and when they are not in many cases. A jury could still decide these things.

What do you think?
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