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So, I was ringing my friend to invite him over tonight. I waited until 3 pm because he doesn't usually wake up until 2.30. For some reason I was all nervous about ringing him, I often am nervous about ringing people so I had to steel myself to do it.
It rang twice, and then I think he hung up on me. Three beeps and then silence.
Why did he do that? (speculate plausible explanations that won't cause me to panic)
And what do I do now? Do I wait half an hour and try again, or do I wait for him to ring me, even though he might think I was just calling to chat, and therefore won't until late tonight? I've actually never had a friend hang up on me before.

edit: problem solved. Apparently what happened was, he was asleep, he reached over to answer it, and it died on him because the phone was, yet again, not showing an accurate charge bar. (once it refused to charge even though it was flat because it showed it as being full) he then plugged it in, saw there were no voicemails, (it didnt' give me an option to) and assumed it wasn't an emergency.

... I seriously have anxiety issues about this sort of thing. At least my conclusion was more 'he's in an interview' rather than 'he hates me omg' which it would have been a few months back. :P

Here's another question then. Do you get anxious about things like this?
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