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I see her fingers trail across the polished steel - tip of each finger the same colour as her lips.

1. For those of you who wear make-up, how old were you when you started wearing it?
2. Why do you wear make-up)

3. Those of you who don't wear it - why?

4. At what age do you think it's 'acceptable' to start wearing make-up?

Questions inspired by my English teachers 'question of the day' and the by the creepy 8 year old I saw wearing make-up (mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow) combined with fishnets, a short skirt and semi-high heels.

And one last boring question;

5. What song are you listening to right now?

1. -
2. -

3. I don't wear it primarily because it's not I grew up with i.e my mum never wears it, except for lipstick on 'special occasions', so I have no 'role model' as it were. Another reason is that I am simply too lazy to find out what sort of stuff suits me, buy it and have to put it on/take it off.

4. Due to the above stuff, I actually don't have much of an idea or opinion. If pushed, I'd say around 13/14, maybe a little older. (I'm talking 'proper' make up, not the 'Barbie' sets that younger kids get).

5. Bucks Fizz // Making Your Mind Up
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