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♪♫ ι'м α вαg оf fυи

Is there anyone here with some kind of legal background/actually a police officer?

To make a long story short I got pulled over & given a ticket tonight for turning right at a red light. I was at an intersection I'd never been to before and it was a rather confusing intersection (which yes, I know does not excuse me) and I apparently did not see the sign that said no turn on red.

Okay, that's all fine and dandy. So when the officer came to my window he of course asked for my driver's license and I pulled out my stack of cards out of my purse. As I was going through them he noticed I had both a state ID and driver's license. Both of my ID's were made within six months of each other, had the same address on them and neither were expired.

When the officer noticed my two ID's he got the most stunned look on his face and said, "Ma'am, are you carrying two ID's?" I explained one being state, one being my license and that I carried the state ID just in case I misplaced my license (which I've done plenty of times). He got furious with me and said, "Do you know it's illegal to carry around two ID's? I could suspend your license right now. You need to hand over both of them."

Maybe I'm dumb but I never actually knew it was illegal to carry around two ID's and certainly never knew he could suspend my license over it.
And yes, I understand that I deserved my ticket because I did turn left when I shouldn't have.. I'm just wondering about this whole ID thing.

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