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Suicide attempts across the country

A serious question from me for once...

My lovely friend in Alabama just now texted me, asking if 8 tylanol would kill her. I looked it up online and told her she was fine. She then told me that she took them to cause herself harm, and that she hasn't eaten since thursday. Also, yesterday she texted me saying she wanted to kill herself. She's on these steroids for a medical condition and they're fucking with her head.

I don't know what to do. I'm the only person she's reached out to about this.

Please help me?
What do I say to her?

ETA: She's in Alabama for college and not only is she not close to anybody in that state, I don't have any way of contacting the only person she is close to (her boyfriend). So that's not an option.

ETA2: Okay, I can't call 911 because she's in a car, I don't know where. I can't go to her because not only do I not have the money, but she wouldn't have a way to get me from the airport to her college, so I'd be stuck there.

What I need is advice on what to tell her as I'm talking to her via text right now. She reached out to me, she's not in danger at the moment. How do I talk her down? What do I ask? Not ask?
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