Me (bridgelene) wrote in thequestionclub,

to those of you who are in college, have been in college, will be in college soon (enough to have an idea of what some of the core required classes are at your school), or even just have some input based on experiences of friends and acquaintances even if you haven't done college yourself. . . . . (and I suppose this is *probably?* applicable more to 4 year colleges and universities, than community colleges and such, although I'm not sure. . . )

Did your school have any foreign language requirements (as in, that you have to take, or at least prove your proficiency in before you can graduate)?
What school, if I may ask?
And where is that school? (country if it's not in the US/or state if it's in the US, works for me =)

I go to a 4 year University in Ohio (US), and out of the 6 (I think?) colleges that my university has. . . . most of them (I think 4) have a foreign language requirement of 4 semesters. . . . of course, one can test out of one or more, if they're proficient enough.

I didn't think that this was that abnormal, but upon talking to some people they seemed to think this was a lot. So I wanted a broader perspective :-P
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