Somewhere between unsure and a hundred. (liagibba) wrote in thequestionclub,
Somewhere between unsure and a hundred.

Anyone have a good remedy for a poison-oak rash?

Background: I was exposed about a week ago, but the rash didn't show up til a couple days later. The main rash is on the inside of my right thigh, and has spread to the inside of my left thigh w/ a few smaller rashes going towards my right knee. I figure I have about another week and a few days before it starts fading, but it's really driving me mad now. I have some hydro-cortisone creams and rubbing alcohol, I've heard that calamine does nothing so I don't really wanna go out and buy something that won't work. I've also heard that Vitamin C will help make it go away faster. Help!!

Thanks in advance :)
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