breathe her deep and smile (girlandetc) wrote in thequestionclub,
breathe her deep and smile


my landlord just came over with a friend of his. her elderly friend passed away and they are trying to find a home for the lady's 2 year old dachshund named greta. i have a 2 year old dachshund already named britten, who i love, and have always debated getting a companion for him. greta seems well behaved, not barky or nervous, and they seem to get along great. she seems a little stressed but otherwise fine. she's healthy and spayed and wouldn't need any major vet stuff, other than a bath perhaps. i'd have to teach her commands, though, she doesn't know them. the down side is having 2 dogs, feeding them, if i travel what do i do with them, etc. i am nervous about obtaining a 2nd dog, but i'd hate to see her go to the pound or something!

tqc, if you have 2 dogs, how much harder is it than having 1? what was the transition like?

most importantly, should i keep her??
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