Leona (sejabop) wrote in thequestionclub,

Serious Question.

I still feel very guilty about something. Here it is...
A few years a go I had two cats. Mim and Monday. My boyfriend at the time was very abusive. I didn't have the nerve to leave him because I was a fuck mook back then. Anyway.
One morning we woke up and Monday, my little black kitten had destroyed the kitchen. My X was so mad that he yelled and screamed at me and threatened me and yatta. I was trying to calm him down but nothing worked. He took Monday and drove off with her. I tried to run after him but he spun off. He dropped her off somewhere. Somewhere in the woods:( I left his fucking evil ass after that. This was years ago. But I still remember her little face looking at me when he pulled out.
I don't think I will get over it. I just hope she is o.k and found a good home.

1. Not sure how to word this. How do I get over Monday?
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