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I just got a really bizarre IM from somebody I don't know.

person: Thank, thank you!
me: um... you're welcome? :-)
person: Yeah, well goodbye!
me: i'm sorry, i'm confused. what did you thank me for?
person: This!
me: ???
Previous message was not received by person because of error: User person is not available.

At this time I have two theories. It might be a creepy guy who IM'd me 2ish weeks ago who got my sn off facebook and was being really weird and said he wants to cuddle with me. So I blocked his screenname and if he got a new one, he would be able to see that I'm online. If that's the case, I don't care because he is creepy.

Alternately, as I am on a huge network, I have heard stories about people's computers being hacked into over AIM. I've even heard of somebody who got into this chick's computer without ever encountering her. Should I be worried?

If you think I should be worried (or even if you think it's probably no big deal but should consider it an option just to be safe, which is how I feel), what should I do?
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